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Business Insurance

Running a Shop, Pub, Restaurant, Small Business or Office?

Speak to Top Marques Insurance - The specialist for small business insurance.

  • No complicated paperwork
  • "Same day" Quotations
  • Get straight away cover
  • Easy to understand terms and conditions
  • Very competitive insurance
  • Payment plans
  • Arrange cover over the phone
  • Most policies come with 24 hour claims line

We can offer business insurance solutions from a carefully selected panel of insurers offering same day quotations*, immediate cover, no complicated paperwork, competitive premiums, easy payment plans & *everything arranged over the phone!

So if you need fast, competitive business insurance quotes, then contact us today by phone on 01543 37 37 00

As small business insurance specialists, we can quote for over 100 different trades, we could make insuring your business & commercial vehicles easier, quicker and cheaper.

From business premises to liability, commercial vehicles and fleets contact us now for a free quotation by completing the simple on-line enquiry form and one advisors will contact you shortly

&subject to criteria/terms & conditions

Hot Tips to Help Avoid an Arson Attack on Your Business (PDF)


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