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Estate Agents Insurance

As a specialist business insurance broker, T.M.I understand the risks you face and has developed an industry-specific professional indemnity insurance policy for estate and letting agents designed for your profession.

You can also trust us to protect you against many of the other risks faced by small businesses. Choose the products that are right for your business and create one single and comprehensive estate agent insurance package to meet your individual needs.

Our profession specific cover provides protection for the risks you face in your industry, such as matters referred to any property ombudsman or when a client feels they’ve been left at a disadvantage.

Liability Insurance

We offer both public and employers’ liability insurance which covers compensation you have to pay a client, contractor, employee or member of the public due to accidental injury or property damage.

Office Insurance

Our office policy protects home or office-based small businesses if your business equipment is accidentally damaged, lost or stolen. You can also add a range of specialist covers to your policy such as portable equipment (e.g. laptops), and business interruption (how do you keep your business running if your office floods for example?).

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