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Top Marques Insurance office insurance policies have been specially tailored to meet the needs of all types of office-based businesses, from accountants and solicitors to estate agents and surgeries.

We can offer you a fast and efficient service, and great savings! That's because we deal directly with our customers, which means that in most cases we can give you an immediate quotation and even arrange cover straight away.

Our office Insurance policies are tailored to cover the assets, earnings and legal liabilities for all types of offices. The standard policy provides cover for a range of risks including employers and public liability, contents cover and business interruption cover. However, we know that every office has quite different insurance needs, so we also give you the choice of including a number of optional extras such as office building insurance and office contents insurance cover.

We've already helped thousands of businesses save money on their insurance. In fact, we're so confident we can save you money on your office insurance policy that as long as you have made no more than one claim in the last year.

Compare large enterprise to small office insurance quotes with Topmarques and get the best deals instantly!


What is the definition of buildings?

Buildings (optional):

Covers the buildings of the premises, outbuildings, landlord’s fixtures & fittings tenants improvements for the insured perils

What is money cover?

Business Money & Personal Accident ( Assault):

Covers Business cash:

On the premises during working hours In a safe at the premises In a bank night safe, or At the home of an authorises employee (subject to the limits of the policy)

Personal Accident (Assault) provides a monetary benefit in the event that a member of staff is attacked/injured in the course of robbery/attempted robbery.

Is there any glass cover?

Glass Breakage:

Covers damage to glass & sanitary fittings the client is responsible for at the premises

What is “transit” cover?

Contents/Goods in Transit:

Covers damage to contents from the time they are lifted by you/your staff until they are placed at their destination including loading, unloading & temporary housing.

What does liability insurance cover?

Business Liability ( this is split into 2 sections)

Sub-Section A: Employers Liability.
Covers Legal Liability for bodily injury to employees usually up to a £10m limit of indemnity

Sub Section B: Public & Products Liability
Covers legal liability for death or bodily injury to third parties and damage to their property

Indemnity limits for up to £5m are available

Is there any cover for loss of trading ?

Business interruption:

Cover for loss of gross income as a result of loss or damage at the property

Accounts Receivable:

Covers the costs involved in tracing and establishing how much your customers owe you and the amount of unpaid debts which cannot be traced, because the accounting records are damaged due to fire/flood etc.

Can I cover my equipment away from my business premises?

All Risks on Specified Equipment:

Covers specified items away from the premises within Great Britain, Northern Ireland,The Channel Islands and The Isle of Man.

Is there any cover for mechanical breakdown?

Equipment Breakdown:

Theft risk

  • Is the minimum standard of security met?
  • Is there an intruder alarm fitted, and if so what type & method of signalling?
  • What is the level of police response?
  • What additional precautions are taken to protect computer equipment (lock down plates Etc)?
  • How much cash is there on the premises or in transit at any one time?

Business interruption cove:

  • What is your annuall gross fee income?
  • How succeptible is the business to a loss of this nature?
  • Would you be able to trade from alternative premises?
  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan?
  • If so, has it recently been tested?

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