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A restaurant can mean many things to many people, The definition of a restaurant is retail premises that serve food to people, a place where meals are served to the public. It does not differ significantly from a cafe at least superficially. However you will generally find that the service and extent of menu is greater in a restaraunt. We at Top Marques Insurancehave extensive experience of providing insurance cover for restaraunts and can cover everything from themed restaurant's, Indian Restaurant's,cafes,bistros, takeaways to the traditional silver service restaurant. We feel their are three major risks for a restaurant and failure to ensure these risks are covered adequately can mean bankruptcy:-

  • Public & Employers liability Claims can run into thousands of pounds.
  • Fire of flood can cause a total loss of contents
  • Business interruption cover- A flood or fire could disrupt trading for many months.

We are aware that adequate insurance protects your business in the long term and we have therefore tailored schemes specifically for the restaurant.

The British public?s love affair with eating out continues to thrive; unfortunately we are also living in increasingly litigious times. Top Marques Insurancehave a range of commercial insurance policies that can provide excellent cover for the catering trade at a very competitive price. Public liability cover although not a statutory requirement is an absolute must whether you require insurance for a cafe or a licenced restaurant. Public liability claims regularly run into tens of thousands of pounds and if you do not have adequate cover this could strike a devastating blow to your business.

With there being so many policies on the market, all offering similar protections, at various scales of premium, it can be difficult knowing which one to choose. It is important to ensure that your cover will protect you from all eventualities that could occur to your own restaurant. So prior to you purchasing your policy we will send you a policy summary.

The policy summary is one of the most important documents we send you prior to choosing your policy. This document has a section headed ?Significant exclusions? we recommend that you read this section very carefully to ensure that the policy you have chosen is suitable.

Restaurant policies like takeway insurance tend to have more emphasis on fire safety requirements than they do on physical security as often the stock held on the premises is not of high value. This differs significantly from shop insurance policies where the physical security requirements take precedence over the fire precautions.

Our restaurant insurance policies are modular so you can have as little or as much cover as you choose.

  • Employers? liability ? You have a statutory obligation to obtain this cover
  • Public liability ? Not compulsory but we include it as standard with all of our policies. Public liability claims are on the increase.
  • Products liability ? Generally only relevant if you sell pre-prepared food in a retail environment
  • Loss of Income or business interruption cover as it is better known; even a small fire which results in smoke damage could put you out of business for months.
  • Money ? provides cover while in your home, on the premises or in transit.
  • Buildings insurance will be required by your lender if you own the building.

Additional cover that can be included within your policy include:

  • Machinery and apparatus ? provides cover against any accidental damages that occur in a restaurant.
  • Frozen food ? provides protection against loss of frozen food through defrosting because of changes in temperature.
  • Loss of licence ? provides cover against loss of income related to the loss of your alcohol licence.

As well as cover for restaurants and bistros we also have access to policies that can provide chip shop insurance, pizza shop insurance, kebab shop insurance, indian sweet shop insurance and burger bar insurance. Contact Top Marques Insuranceon 01543 373700 and speak to one of our highly experienced consultants who will be pleased to give you a quotation.


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