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Solicitors Insurance

Running and managing a busy office can be stressful at the best of times - the last thing you want or need to worry about is whether your office insurance meets your individual requirements.

But imagine if your computers were stolen, your records destroyed in a flood or fire, or an employee claimed compensation – the effect on your business could be disastrous, ruining not only your livelihood but also your reputation.

That's why it makes sense to take out an office insurance policy that can cover you in case things go wrong. In times of economic uncertainty it’s even more essential to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected and take a tailor made policy fitted around your unique circumstances.

Trust in Top Marques to look after your Insurance needs, and to obtain the best cover at competitive prices, saving you valuable time and money. With over 40 years’ experience in office insurance, you can trust in us to find you the right combination of price and quality of cover with a bespoke quotation from our trusted panel of Insurers.

We can quote for the all types of Office Insurance including the following trades.

  • Estate Agents
  • Solicitors
  • Travel Agents
  • Letting Agents
  • Funeral Parlours
  • Sales Offices
  • Administration Offices
  • Accountants
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Valuers and Surveyors
  • Political Party and Constituency offices
  • Job Agencies
  • Charity
  • Electrical Contractors or Builders Offices

Office Insurance is like no other. Very often companies share premises and office space, self-employed solicitors or accountants could share offices to reduce costs or have communal areas for their clients to wait. There can be a shared reception or intercom system to gain entry. Offices may ‘sub-let’ part of their premises, and use shared facilities such as kitchens or bathrooms. Insurance companies need to be aware of your entire situation accurately to ensure full cover is in place.

All offices offer something different, and all have different insurance requirements, so at Top Marques, we can tailor a product to match your individual needs and below give some examples and explanations of some of the most important extensions available.

  • Public liability - This would cover your business if a member of the public suffered a loss or injury as a result of your business activities. ‘No win – No fee’ solicitors advertise daily, making potential claims easier to make, and for more and more frivolous things. The public liability insurance would cover the compensation payment plus any legal costs incurred.
  • Employer’s liability - If you employ staff, you are legally required to have employer’s liability insurance. It will pay the cost of a claim (including rehabilitation costs, defence costs and legal fees) from an employee who has been injured, or who has become seriously ill as a result of working for you.

Once the main areas are covered, we can then talk you through and advise on further optional extras to make sure your business is fully protected. These can include:

  • Buildings insurance – Should you own your premises, buildings cover is a must. It pays out on claims for damage to the building your business is based in. Policies can be extended to cover accidental damage, subsidence and terrorism. Also, should you let out part of your property to a residential tenant, (such as an upstairs flat) it is imperative you advise your insurer not only this, but also the type of tenant (working, retired or D.S.S.) to ensure your cover is arranged correctly.
  • Contents insurance - You can insure the contents of your business premises against loss, damage, or theft. Accidental damage is a further option, along with extended cover away from the premises, (UK or Worldwide) with some insurers even covering your business equipment and apparatus against mechanical breakdown.
  • Stock cover - Some offices carry stock or samples in connection with their business. This insurance will cover the cost of replacing your stock if it is damaged, destroyed or stolen as the result of an insured incident.
  • Fixtures & fittings - While contents insurance covers your possessions, you can also opt to take out fixtures and fittings insurance to cover fixed items such as carpet or flooring, kitchen units, shelving, counters and the like. Should you lease the property, your landlord may also (as part of your lease) insist you cover certain fixtures and fittings.
  • Shop front, sign and glass cover - This insurance covers your shop front including the glass as part of the windows, awnings and signage. Roller shutters and bespoke signage (Neon, LED/LCD) can also be incorporated. Again, most landlords insist you cover the glass as part of your tenancy.
  • Business Interruption cover - If your business is unable to trade due to an insured incident such as fire or flood, this can recover lost revenue or profit during the period your shop was unable to trade or provide cover for ‘increased cost of working’.
  • Money cover - Provides cover while on the premises, at home overnight or in transit. Limits do apply to cash left overnight and a safe may be required.
  • Loss of Data or Paper Files - With the best will in the world, without back-ups, Insurers cannot reinstate your lost data in the event of a claim, but can cover the cost of recovery of information from back up or help provide financial recompense if the lost data causes financial loss.
  • Professional Indemnity Cover - Professional indemnity policy provides cover for claims brought against the policyholder due to their professional negligence or wrongful advice causing loss or damage to a third party.

Click on the link opposite for an instant quote or call the team now on 01543 373700 to speak to one of our dedicated and skilled team of advisors.

If you can’t find the Solicitors indemnity Insurance quote you need online please call us, we will have some more options offline and may be able to offer a more comprehensive shop insurance quote.


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